Weekend Brunch

Your weekend Brunch with fun activities

Your weekend Brunch with fun activities

The weekend brunch in Bangkok is becoming trendy among the experts and locals. Our kind of weekend brunch in Bangkok comes with a full package that is unique and very different from others. We create an atmosphere with a good location known as Secret Garden, if you want to know why it is called Secret Garden, you should come over to view the location.


We offer a special package with unique activities to make sure that you and your friends have a great time enjoying these activities. We guarantee a well-prepared and organized weekend brunch in Bangkok with plenty of entertainment to engage you and your friends to feel at home.

Weekend Brunch

Family Brunch in Bangkok

Family brunch in Bangkok is becoming more open and trendy, but with the help of the secret garden environment and a great atmosphere, it’s green in nature with a nice shed covered by the trees, lovely bird sounds and squirrels running on the trees, two small friendly dogs.


We provide something more special with the activities to make the family brunch time more fun, we provide activities for the kids to play around and they can also play their own games.


We offer special activities such as petanque, VR games, jacuzzi, foosball table, board games which will make the family brunch in Bangkok more lively and enjoyable in our secret garden here in Bangkok. We assure all the brunch served is very tasteful and special from our experienced and certified Chef.

Kid brunch

Corporate Brunch in Bangkok

Corporate brunch in Bangkok is not very common as companies are too busy with a lot of office work. That is why we are here to offer the opportunity to the company to have a good leisure time with their workers during lunchtime.


Our secret garden will provide the best outdoor atmosphere for your workers to feel the amazing natural breeze because of the tall trees shed. We also recommend great activities during this period to make the workers feel more relaxed and regain their energy to continue their work after the brunch in our secret garden.


Our main idea is to make it possible for co-workers to connect with each other and team building is also organized to make the activities more fun which will give workers the opportunity to relax their mind.

Cooperate Brunch in Bangkok

Friend Brunch in Bangkok

The idea of friend brunch in Bangkok is to create an atmosphere whereby friends come together to enjoy a great time with chilling outdoor weather. Are you and your friends out of idea about the best location to enjoy a cozy and natural environment that will make your brunch time the best and unique?


We are here at your service because our friend’s brunch in Bangkok is located in a private secret garden that only you and your friends will occupy. We make sure that our services are professional, and we make our guests feel much at home with many exciting activities. 

Friend Brunch Bangkok

Weekend brunch activities in Bangkok

The weekend brunch activities in Bangkok is something our private secret garden can offer more than others out there. We have unique and great activities to keep you and your friends very excited with more interesting activities to make your weekend brunch unique and well-organized.


We provide many activities such as petanque, foosball, board game, VR video game and very nice jacuzzi to satisfy your needs. Our weekend brunch is strictly private, and we accept only one set of group of people. Our activities are well-organized, and everything is handled by a professional with great experience.

VR in Bangkok Secret Garden

Best weekend Brunch in Bangkok

Best weekend Brunch in Bangkok is a perfect time to chill with family and friends. Our private garden will give you that pleasure with unique activities, and our secret garden is private, which will only give you and your family the opportunity to secure the whole space. If you want to feel cozy weekend brunch in Bangkok.


Our private secret garden is the best choice for weekend brunch in Bangkok, visit us and enjoy this amazing location yourself. We offer premium service at a very affordable rate. That is why it is private for only you, your family and friends.

Best Weekend Brunch in Bangkok

About US

Private chef in Bangkok

Bangkok Secret Garden is a cute little garden in the heart of Bangkok where you can book your private brunches, dinners and week-end activities with your family and friends. Reconciliate with the nature is our green outdoor venue and enjoy our food specialties and cocktails while having access to a multitude of fun activities.

Our food menu focusses on Mediterranean dishes such as Spanish Paella, Moroccan couscous, French Ratatouille but also on Thai food, as our private chef is Thai national with extensive experience in Mediterranean slow cooked dishes.

The venue is offered privatized to spend quality time with your friends and family in total privacy and we also offer our private chef service to maximize your dining experience.

Our team has event organizer background (leader in team building events, kids birthdays, adventure treasure hunts in Bangkok since 2013 until Covid hit) which allows us to provide the best event and animation experience to our guests.

With access to a multitude of fun activities on site such as Petanque, Virtual reality, foosball, board games, Jacuzzi, we guarantee a full day of fun entertainment for our guests.

Come & meet us for a fun day in family or with friends at our Bangkok Secret Garden!


39/4 Soi Attakavi 1, Sukhumvit 26, Khlongtan, Khlongtoey, Bangkok 10110

+66 91 050 1408