VR game room

Your VR game room in Bangkok

Your VR game room in Bangkok

Virtual reality in Bangkok

Have you ever tried Virtual Reality before? We got several VR equipment that we leave at the disposal of our private groups when booking our secret garden.


Not familiar with these systems? No worries, we can teach you how to play and you can even enjoy playing outdoor, with our state-of-the-art equipment, with no cable involved. We can even cast on screen so your family and friends can enjoy the show! So many VR games and applications to try, you don’t want to miss this chance if you come to our secret garden. Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok.


There is a panel of activities we offer at our secret garden, but we offer much more activities on demand and all this free of charge with your private table booking!


As you understand our unique concept consists of offering a very private green environment, with amazing food, full services, and entertainment options for your brunches or early dinners with your friends, family, and colleagues! Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok!

VR Player

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is an all-in-one gaming system designed specifically for virtual reality. Play virtually anywhere with only a VR headset and controllers. Set up your hardware effortlessly, at home or away.


Oculus Quest adapts to your environment, allowing you to play standing or sitting, in confined or spacious spaces. Oculus Insight tracking translates your movements in VR, no matter which side you’re looking at, and gives you room-wide tracking without external sensors. Look around, take cover, and change the course of the battle from anywhere in your play space.


With Oculus Touch controllers, you can bring your hands and gestures directly into the game. Your moves, throws, and gestures appear in VR with realistic and intuitive precision. Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok!

Oculus Quest

VR game room in Bangkok

From the very beginning of development, we decided to explore how new technologies could enrich our unique game experience and further immerse our players. We’ve always been big fans of VR, and the opportunity to have a virtual reality room seemed like a great way to do it. Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok!



Classic Room gameplay with a sense of realism like never.



Explore multiple cryptic locations using the truly immersive nature of virtual reality.



Pick up dozens of lifelike objects and examine them to discover hidden secrets.



Highly tuned player movement provides a comfortable play experience for all abilities.


  • 3D AUDIO

A haunting theme coupled with dynamic spatial 3D sound effects makes it sound like you’re there.



Available in English, French, Italian, German & Spanish.

VR room Service

VR contest in Bangkok


There are public tournaments where anyone can participate when we make an event. Many amateurs and tourists come to play in an atmosphere of infectious good humor in the secret garden because we have the best Virtual reality in Bangkok.


There are private tournaments that we can organize for you: if you want to make your tournament for your birthday, we can make it for you with our staff. Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok!

VR Contest

VR Brunch in Bangkok

We are the only restaurant to offer a VR Room: It is very nice for the kids that will have an occupation while you are eating! After the meal, you can also try the VR! Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok! Everyone will enjoy with our VR Room!

Friend Brunch Bangkok

Where to play virtual reality in Bangkok?

At ‘’Secret Garden Bangkok’’, we offer private chef experience in a private venue located in Bangkok center, Sukhumvit soi 26. As we do accept private bookings only, your group will get total privacy and full attention from our friendly yet professional waitresses.


Tired of sharing your restaurant space with random people and looking for total privacy with excellent customer service? Come and try our amazing food at the ”Bangkok Secret Garden”.


We are the only place in Bangkok where you can play virtual reality while eating and enjoying a jacuzzi and a place where you can play petanque! We possess plenty of VR games to make you enjoy. Come and enjoy Virtual reality in Bangkok!

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About US

Private chef in Bangkok

Bangkok Secret Garden is a cute little garden in the heart of Bangkok where you can book your private brunches, dinners and week-end activities with your family and friends. Reconciliate with the nature is our green outdoor venue and enjoy our food specialties and cocktails while having access to a multitude of fun activities.


Our food menu focusses on Mediterranean dishes such as Spanish Paella, Moroccan couscous, French Ratatouille but also on Thai food, as our private chef is Thai national with extensive experience in Mediterranean slow cooked dishes.


The venue is offered privatized to spend quality time with your friends and family in total privacy and we also offer our private chef service to maximize your dining experience.


Our team has event organizer background (leader in team building events, kids birthdays, adventure treasure hunts in Bangkok since 2013 until Covid hit) which allows us to provide the best event and animation experience to our guests.


With access to a multitude of fun activities on site such as Petanque, Virtual reality, foosball, board games, we guarantee a full day of fun entertainment for our guests.


Come & meet us for a fun day in family or with friends at our Bangkok Secret Garden!




39/4 Soi Attakavi 1, Sukhumvit 26, Khlongtan, Khlongtoey, Bangkok 10110

+66 91 050 1408