Play Foosball in Bangkok

Play Foosball in Bangkok

Looking for the best place to play foosball in Bangkok? As you know that it is ‘’ impossible’’ to find a quality foosball table to play in the city of Angel as Bangkok.  You might find only the table which is unplayable, worn, with wooden players and plastic playing surface.


The Secret Garden will dive you back in the childhood with our high quality European foosball table  as Bonzini. The best quality Bonzini table will make you enjoy smooth games with your friends and/or colleague. 


Restaurant with foosball

Most bars and some restaurants have a foosball table as part of their entertainment facilities. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Bangkok, as the legislation on a foosball table is pretty strict to advantage the snooker and pool tables.


This is not a cultural thing but a political thing as they decided to consider foosball tables as gambling games as same as pool table before we finally got our license in few years ago. 

The Secret Garden provides Bonzini, a French Style foosball table for our customers. You can enjoy in foosball challenge with our  secret recipe.

Restaurant and Foosball Table

Where to play foosball in Bangkok?

Most foosball amateurs are wondering: ‘’Where can I play foosball in Bangkok’’?  Indeed the choice is very limited. The only venue offering a quality foosball table in Bangkok is our Secret Garden.


Not only the foosball table at our venue, we also provide petanque, darts, virtual reality and many other fun activities on demand.


Benjamin, the founder , is a professional foosball player with over 25 years’ experience, in France, England and Thailand. He is  currently no. 1 and is unbeaten in Thailand and is always happy to share tricks and tips to improve your skills.


Come to challenge the Foosball champion in our green outdoor venue in the center of Bangkok!

Foosball Table in Bangkok

Where to play Bonzini in Bangkok

The most amateur player would not be interested to play on another table than Bonzini.


Bonzini is the #1 brand of foosball table in the world and are extremely popular in Europe and Especially in France, the country where  they are originally from.


Some players might also play on American style tables such as ‘’Tornado’’ or ‘’Fireball’’ but these tables doesn’t have telescopic bars (Full bars instead), Gerflex playing surface (plain plastic instead), Massive wood frame (Plain plastic), stainless steel players (Plain plastic players) as same as Bonzini


It is no surprise the Bonzini foosball table (Babyfoot Bonzini in French) is the most popular in the world. They cost the price of a small car which makes them exceedingly difficult to buy for foosball amateurs, but we did it and Bonzini is the standard foosball table we offer you to play on at our Bangkok Secret Garden.

Baby Foot

Play soccer table in Bangkok

Foosball table have different names such as foosball table, soccer table, some even call it simply ‘’Football table’’. In France ‘’Babyfoot’’, In Germany, they call it ‘’Kicker’’ and each country has the own way to call this fabulous sport.


It is now possible to play soccer table in Bangkok at our Bangkok Secret Garden. Enjoy our delicious food and drinks to get the energy you need to win the games!

Playing Foosball

Foosball contest in Bangkok

Besides offering to play foosball at our Secret Garden, with delicious food (Paella, Couscous, Thai food, etc) and fun activities (Petanque, Virtual reality, Ping pong, etc). We also offer to organize your own foosball contest at our unique venue.


We provide the decorations, trophies, animation and we take care of the score sheets so you can focus on the fun and competition!


Free access to the foosball table with your Secret Garden booking and possibility to organize a professional yet fun foosball tournament on demand!

Foosball Contest in Bangkok

About US

Private chef in Bangkok

Bangkok Secret Garden is a cute little garden in the heart of Bangkok where you can book your private brunches, dinners and week-end activities with your family and friends. Reconciliate with the nature is our green outdoor venue and enjoy our food specialties and cocktails while having access to a multitude of fun activities.


Our food menu focusses on Mediterranean dishes such as Spanish Paella, Moroccan couscous, French Ratatouille but also on Thai food, as our private chef is Thai national with extensive experience in Mediterranean slow cooked dishes.


The venue is offered privatized to spend quality time with your friends and family in total privacy and we also offer our private chef service to maximize your dining experience.


Our team has event organizer background (leader in team building events, kids birthdays, adventure treasure hunts in Bangkok since 2013 until Covid hit) which allows us to provide the best event and animation experience to our guests.


With access to a multitude of fun activities on site such as Petanque, Virtual reality, foosball, board games, we guarantee a full day of fun entertainment for our guests.


Come & meet us for a fun day in family or with friends at our Bangkok Secret Garden!




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