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Play board games in Bangkok has thousands of new games that are created yearly, but as a beginner, we can possibly guide you on how to understand the technique to play board games in Bangkok in our secret garden with natural weather covered with tall trees to give you the outdoor cold breeze.


If you are looking for high-level strategy or narrative cooperation or a very unique game that is simply beautiful to see and touch, these are games that have earned heavy rotation at our secret garden, we are 100 percent you will love the excitement. If you want a particular board game, let us know when booking your appointment to play board games in Bangkok. 

Board Game

Multitude of board games

Our secret garden is available to play board games in Bangkok with a multitude of board games set to combine the strategy of cards with the excitement of Dice. This kind of game is a unique set that contains 72 cards and 50 dices.


How we can make it more fun!

These multitudes of board games gave unique features that set all of the games to use both cards and dice. Each game has rules and game play to make it more lively, simple and more exciting. The  Secret Garden is the best outdoor location to play board games in Bangkok.

Board Game Venue

Interactive board games

Interactive board games are a kind of game that must be used via a multimedia system such as PowerPoint teaching technique.


This method to play board games in Bangkok is often classified as one of the traditional games that may be played by two sets of group activity which is paired to help make this individual interact with each other like team building.


This method of interactive board games in our secret garden, we create an outdoor atmosphere that allows a group of our guests to form a strong and good teamwork building for a better mutual friendship. We assure a lot of excitement when playing this wonder game here in our perfect secret garden.

Interactive Board game

Board games for family Brunch

To play board games in Bangkok with the idea of board games for family brunch is the best moment to spend more time and bond together with one another. As we know, whether you are very close in relationship with your family or have difficulty to talk much during the evening, spend time together.


Playing board games in Bangkok is a fun way to connect with your family during brunch and this helps to make the family grow closer. Having board games for family brunch with our loved ones puts you in a friendly competition with one another.


Board games for family brunch give the opportunity for game time to bring out the quieter folks out of their shell with so much excitement to enjoy in our secret garden.


It is well known, many options to play board games in Bangkok are available these days, so it is more special and unique because it is for all ages and gaming experience levels. 

Family Board Game

Board game night

Board game night is more fun with large parties which require the best entertainment suggestion. So we are here to delight our guests with Taboo board game that is hilarious, and it helps to encourage team-building skills to win.


Unlike other board games, we choose this particular game for a reason because Taboo is very unpredictable. The idea is that each team has to make a correct guess at a word listed on a game card.


If you are interested in getting to know more about this game and other more unique exciting games, visit us here in the secret garden. We offer the best board game night with other refreshments to make your board games in Bangkok a great night to remember with family and friends.

Board Game Night

Where to play board games in Bangkok?

It is a very interesting question because you are on the right page, we offer absolutely unique top-notch board games in Bangkok. We make sure our guests’ happiness is our top priority.


We create an entertaining atmosphere that will make the board games more interesting with so much fun and laughter with some cold drink to help make the board games more relaxed and exciting with our environment.


Give us a call or book because our secret garden is private and has limited seating. We give you the best location, a great environment, two friendly jacks Russel, they are trained to welcome our guests with friendly service and smile. 

Board Game in Bangkok

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Bangkok Secret Garden is a cute little garden in the heart of Bangkok where you can book your private brunches, dinners and week-end activities with your family and friends. Reconciliate with the nature is our green outdoor venue and enjoy our food specialties and cocktails while having access to a multitude of fun activities.


Our food menu focusses on Mediterranean dishes such as Spanish Paella, Moroccan couscous, French Ratatouille but also on Thai food, as our private chef is Thai national with extensive experience in Mediterranean slow cooked dishes.


The venue is offered privatized to spend quality time with your friends and family in total privacy and we also offer our private chef service to maximize your dining experience.


Our team has event organizer background (leader in team building events, kids birthdays, adventure treasure hunts in Bangkok since 2013 until Covid hit) which allows us to provide the best event and animation experience to our guests.


With access to a multitude of fun activities on site such as Petanque, Virtual reality, foosball, board games, we guarantee a full day of fun entertainment for our guests.


Come & meet us for a fun day in family or with friends at our Bangkok Secret Garden!




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