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Bangkok Secret Garden is temporarily closed as of December 7th, 2022

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Note: Please note that we only accept booking for minimum 10pax

Our secret garden

Fun activities

Petanque winning award 2

Bangkok Secret garden offer fun activities to spend a fun and unique Brunch or dinner with your friends and family. Escape the boring hotel brunches to enjoy fun activities such as Petanque, virtual reality and much more in our secret garden.


Vegetable BBQ

Have you ever seen a Brunch without BBQ service? You did! Most brunch and food venues in Bangkok do not offer BBQ services, but we are not one of them. Let our private chef cook your favorite dishes before your eyes or take control with your ‘’Own BBQ package’’!


jacuzzi in the resturant

Come and relax in our Jacuzzi for your booking at Bangkok Secret Garden. Sip delicious cocktails in our bubbly Jacuzzi during your weekend family Brunch in Bangkok.

Private chef

On Demand

Our concept involves our chef cooking your favorite dishes in front of you and listen to your directions to make your food the way you like it. Any other Brunch venue offering a private chef in Bangkok? Only a Bangkok secret garden!

Convenient location

Brunch Location

Our Brunch venue ‘’Secret Garden’’ is located in Bangkok center (Sukhumvit soi 26, just behind K Village) in a quiet dead end soi, in a residential green area, far from the traffic and the pollution. If you are looking for an outdoor Brunch venue, in the city center, do not look further and come try our outstanding Brunch service.

Private venue

jacuzzi in the resturant

Besides the convenient location, our fun activities on site and our private chef concept, we accept ONLY private booking, whish means we book the venue for only 1 group at once, providing total privacy to our guests to enjoy their fun day with us.

Outdoor Brunch

brunch group

Tired of the standard hotel indoor Brunches and looking for an engaging alternative to spend your Brunch in a natural outdoor venue with fun outdoor activities? Reconciliate with the nature in our outdoor Brunch venue with singing birds and wandering squirrels.

Pet friendly

Dog Training

Looking for a pet friendly Brunch venue or restaurant in Bangkok? As you might have notice, pet friendly malls and restaurant are extremely rare in Bangkok. We own 2 cats and 2 dogs (well-trained Jack Russels) and we will be glad to welcome your favorite pets and got many activities for them!

Secret Garden activities



We are here to bring an answer to the never-ending question: Where to play Petanque in Bangkok? We are proud to provide the only genuine petanque court in Bangkok (European standard), under the shade of our mango trees, with an infamous pastis/Ricard to sip while playing this chill sport.


Baby Foot

Foosball amateur will understand what we are talking about: If you are looking for a place to play foosball on a real table, we got your covered with the only BONZINI foosball table available in Bangkok. No need to say more and come test your foosball skills with the secret garden owner!


Oculus Quest

Virtual reality (VR) is the future of gaming, education, and much more. Secret Garden is offering a VR game room in our villa to enjoy your time here or let the kids have a great time in VR during you enjoy sipping our cocktails in our Jacuzzi or playing a petanque contest.

Cocktail classes

Cocktail class animated by our professional bartender/mixologist are offered on demand to our guests. Pick up our garden grown ingredients to become the Mojito Expert you always wanted to be while enjoying your time in our unique Brunch venue.

Cooking classes

Cooking classes animated by our professional Chef Tanny are offered on demand to our guest. Learn the secret of Thai food, Spanish Paella, Moroccan couscous and much more while enjoying your time in our secret garden.

Dog training

Dog training

Besides our restaurant being pet friendly, we also offer basic training process and tips for dogs of all background and sizes. We have 2 well trained jack Russels who will greet you with the traditional Thai ‘’Wai’’ when entering our green cute little venue.

Board games

Board games

Secret garden offers numerous board games to our guest to spend a fun time in our outdoor Brunch venue. We also designed our own board game about Thailand, come and try it along many other of your favorite board games!

Video games

Nintendo Switch

Ideal for gamers, or for parents coming with kids, let the kids enjoy their favorite video games on Nintendo switch while you take advantage of the food, drinks, facilities and fun activities provided at our unique Brunch venue.


In line with our petanque activity, chill in our garden while challenging your friends and family at darts, and become the dart champion of the day!

Secret Garden food service

Spanish Paella


Get back to childhood with our traditional Spanish Paella, a slow cooked dish with rice and Safran. We offer Seafood Paella, Meat Paella and also Vegan Paella.

Moroccan Couscous

Couscous 2

This Moroccan dish full of savors is one of best seller. Come and try the best Couscous and Tajin Bangkok has to offer while enjoying your time in our Secret Garden.

Libanese Falafel


Originally from the French Alps, Tartiflette is rich baked dish made with potato, bacon and Reblochon cheese. Come and taste the tastiest tartiflette in Bangkok, made with authentic Reblochon cheese before taking your digesting nap!

Alps Tartiflette

Tartiflette dish

Originally from the French Alps, Tartiflette is rich baked dish made with potato, bacon and Reblochon cheese. Come and taste the tastiest tartiflette in Bangkok, made with authentic Reblochon cheese before taking your digesting nap!

French Ratatouille

Ratatouille dish

Vegan dish, made on Zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes and many healthy vegetables, our Ratatouille is made from our Grandma recipe. You will still wonder: how can they make these vegetables so tasty?

Spanish Churros


A famous dessert issued from Spain, usually sold during festivals, fun fairs and consumed with friends and family, our Spanish Churros are assorted with home made chocolate dip and are the perfect dessert addition to your meal.

Thai food

Thai food

Our Chef is Thai national and has been cooking all kinds of Thai food for more than 15 years. We offer a multitude of Thai dishes (Basically anything you want) but we need to take the order in advance to have time to buy the required ingredients.

Home made bread

Try our home-made bread to go with your BBQ or French dishes offered in our unique Brunch venue. You can even learn here how to make your own bread, under the supervision of our bakery chef Tanny.

Dishes on demand

Private chef in Bangkok

If you are looking for specific dishes, please let us know your requirements in advance so we can confirm whether we can make it happen and the associated delay to confirm your booking. What food would you like to have at our secret garden?

Secret Garden events

Kid birthdays


Our Bangkok Secret garden is the perfect place to organize your kid’s birthday parties. With its large outdoor space (for up to 30 kids), our experience in kid’s birthday animations, our multitude of fun activities for kids (Virtual reality, treasure hunts, etc), and kid food catering service, we got you covered and can guarantee you won’t find any cheaper venue with such extensive kid birthday party services.

Family Brunch


Looking for the perfect Family Brunch venue in Bangkok? Do not look further (or please do, you won’t find better) and come spend a fun day in our private outdoor venue. With many engaging activities, private chef, privatized venue, outdoor space, and central location, we designed our venue especially for family good times.

Weekend Brunch

Company Dinner

Looking for the perfect Week-end Brunch venue in Bangkok to spend an amazing time with your family and friends? Reconciliate with the nature and enjoy our fun activities in our secret garden. Challenge your friends and family on our weekend petanque contest!

Company dinner

Paella for Dinner

Looking for a cozy venue to have your company dinner with your employees and colleagues? Bangkok Secret Garden is the perfect places for small groups (up to 30 persons) to enjoy their time together outside of the office and challenge each other’s at one or more of the activities provided on site.

Company lunch

Pealla Pealla Brunch

Our restaurant is in Bangkok center, in the business area of Sukhumvit, close to the office buildings. Take the time to spend a proper lunch with your colleagues in a green space with a dedicated food service.

Weekend activities

Best Weekend Activity Venue in Thailand

People are constantly looking for new fun activities to do in Bangkok with their family and friends, on the weekends. Our concept offers to combine your week-end Brunch with fun and original activities such as virtual reality (VR) or Petanque contest, under the supervision of our amazing animation team.

About US

Private chef in Bangkok

Bangkok Secret Garden is a cute little garden in the heart of Bangkok where you can book your private brunches, dinners and week-end activities with your family and friends. Reconciliate with the nature is our green outdoor venue and enjoy our food specialties and cocktails while having access to a multitude of fun activities.


Our food menu focusses on Mediterranean dishes such as Spanish Paella, Moroccan couscous, French Ratatouille but also on Thai food, as our private chef is Thai national with extensive experience in Mediterranean slow cooked dishes.


The venue is offered privatized to spend quality time with your friends and family in total privacy and we also offer our private chef service to maximize your dining experience.


Our team has event organizer background (leader in team building events, kids birthdays, adventure treasure hunts in Bangkok since 2013 until Covid hit) which allows us to provide the best event and animation experience to our guests.


With access to a multitude of fun activities on site such as Petanque, Virtual reality, foosball, board games, we guarantee a full day of fun entertainment for our guests.


Come & meet us for a fun day in family or with friends at our Bangkok Secret Garden!



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  • Credit card, which may be easier for you, but requires greater fees.
  • Bank transfer is often requested by our customers but requires more steps to set up.
  • Cryptocurrency, and more specifically USDT on ERC20 and BEP20 (Ethereum chain and Binance Smart Chain). Which is also fast and secure. The best is the Binance Smart Chain where fees are very low.


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